Ballerina Push Mold – Makes 7 Inch Doll “Parts”


7 Inch Ballerina Push Mold to make beautiful ballerina dolls.  This is an advanced mold because it makes a face that can be used right out of the mold, but you can turn the face into a skull too.

The hands and feet are only “pads”.  It assumes you will be sculpting the fingers and either feet or ballet shoes.  You can see from the gifs how easy they are to put together,

The mold creates a one piece doll with human ears that applied separately.   If you wish to make fairy ears, they are easy enough to make.  You can see here.

The mold comes with a basic dollmaking online course that shows you how to make polymer clay dolls in general.  As stated earlier, it is a mold to make the doll parts.   See below to see how it works:

There are two separate Ballerina Projects that are covered in detail on my blog.

Ballerina Project 1:

Ballerina Project 2:



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