Boudoir Doll and Gypsy Doll Push Mold


Boudoir Doll and Gypsy Doll Push Mold – A mold to make 8 inch Boudoir Dolls and Gypsy Dolls


This mold creates an 8 inch womanly doll that can be used to make boudoir dolls or gypsy dolls. It comes with patters and instructions on how to make the Boudoir outfit and high heels as well as the gypsy outfit.

This mold also comes with the online course that teaches you all you need to know about putting push mold dolls together. This mold forms the doll in parts. The head/torso is one unit; the legs and arms are separate. This mold forms shoes, not toes.  The online course comes with butterfly wings in case you want to turn the Boudoir Doll into a Fairy Doll.

Here is a video you can see where I show you how to paint on the stockings. You will be amazed at how easy it is:

Here are some links to videos that will give you information about how the push molds work:

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