Fairy Temptress Doll Push Mold Beginners Kit


Fairy Gwen Doll Push Mold for Polymer Clay  with Two Extra Doll Face Molds – Learn to make beautiful 7 inch fairy dolls.  Works with any type of polymer clay.


Fairy Temptress Doll Push Mold Beginners Kit

  • Fairy Temptress 7 Inch Doll Push Mold
  • 2 Extra Doll Face Molds
  • 1 Pound of Flesh Colored Clay (enough to make 3.5 dolls)
  • 1 two-ounce block of white Super Sculpey III
  • Stainless steel dental sculpting tool
  • Fine-tipped xacto knife
  • Bag of hair (enough for 10 dolls – 2 blonde shades, brown, light brown, auburn)
  • Comes with printable butterfly wings.  They print on white labels, any labels that come 6 to a page. (9 different butterfly wing sets)
  • Online printable course (with video snippets for some techniques) that shows you how to form the doll with the mold, how to pose, paint, wig and wing the dolls.

Here are some links to videos that will give you information about how the push molds work:

How to Fill a Push Mold

How to Use the Second Face Molds

How to Make a Doll Armature

If you would like to see the three videos on the same page, click here:  How Doll Push Molds or Press Molds Work