Large Doll Eye Mold Kit


Doll Eye Mold Kit – contains the large doll eye mold, how-to DVD , as well as two online courses. You can control the size of the eyes as well as the size of the pupil and the  iris.  Your eyes will always be in perfect scale.


This kit comes with the Small Doll Eye Mold, which is a plaster mold that forms doll eyes in the following sizes:

  • 8 mm to 28mm

You can make doll eyes in any size.  You will never have to stop your project and wait for mail order eyes again!  You can control the size of the eye, and the size of the pupil and iris because you paint them when they are done.

These eyes can be used with polymer clay dolls, ceramic dolls, or porcelain dolls.  If you use them with kiln-made dolls, they will need to be put in last as they can only tolerate 265 degrees Fahrenheit heat.  But they fit perfectly because you can form them inside the eye cavity to assure a snug fit.

This selection also comes with a DVD that teaches you how to use the doll eye mold and also how to insert the eyes once they are baked.  Once you learn how to insert eyes, you can make your own eyes in polymer clay to resemble glass eyes, or you can use purchased glass eyes as many of the high-end fairy dolls have.

The practice face can also be used to make a doll about 10 inches tall.

If you want to switch the large doll eye mold for the small doll eye, please send a separate email at the time of the purchase asking for the swap.